The below is a press release from The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure (12 March 2019)

Contactless Payments and Around Island £5 (‘Staged’) Fare signal Committee’s intent for fresh approach to 2019 Bus Timetable and Fares

Draft Timetable

The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure is seeking public comments on proposed changes to the 2019 Scheduled Bus Timetable and Fares. The revised fares are planned to be introduced from Monday 1st April with associated Itinerary and Timetable changes due to take effect on 29th April 2019.


The principal fare changes will see the introduction of new equipment to enable contactless technology in the summer, offering a quick and easy alternative method of payment for customers. This will be preceded by a new £5 Around Island (‘Staged’) Fare of £5 and other modest fare increases to Pay As You Go (PAYG) and other smart card products to be introduced with effect from 1st April 2019.


The Around Island (‘Staged’) Fare, in conjunction with the relocation of Route 91/92 services to Stand H at the Town Terminus and the operation of an enhanced ‘Island Tour’ public excursion service by Island Coachways is designed to relieve pressure from scheduled bus services on Cruise ship days. Operating exclusively from the Picquet House (Stand A), the Island Tour will offer a guided tour in air conditioned coaches with various photo opportunities along the route at a cost of £10 per passenger (£5 for children).


Proposed timetable changes will see the removal of the Route 62, introduced last year in an attempt to address overloading issues on Route 91/92 services, slight reductions in ‘off-peak’ service levels on Routes P2, 51 and 52 and the introduction of additional early evening services on a number of routes to provide an extended service during summer evenings.


A move away from ‘clock-face’ departures from the Town Terminus will reduce congestion at stops close to Town. As a result timings along certain routes will differ so the public are asked to familiarise themselves with the proposed changes.


A Gazette Notice detailing all of the proposed changes is published in today’s Guernsey Press and further information is available at and

The standard cash fare will remain unchanged at £1 as will the existing Nightowl service provided on Friday and Saturday nights.


The consultation period runs until Tuesday 26th March 2019 and the public are invited to submit comments in writing to The Director of Traffic and Highway Services, Bulwer Avenue Office, Bulwer Avenue, St. Sampson, GY1 3HY or by e-mail to




Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure - Variation of Scheduled Bus Services Itinerary, Time Table and Fares


Section 1 (1) of The Public Transport Ordinance, 1986 requires the Committee to notify the public of its intention to vary the proposed itinerary, time table and fare products for Scheduled Bus Services.


Interested persons are invited to submit, in writing, any comments on the following proposals no later than Tuesday 26th March 2019. Responses should be e-mailed to or sent to The Director of Traffic and Highway Services, Bulwer Avenue Office, Bulwer Avenue, St. Sampson, GY2 4LR. For further information please contact the Passenger Transport Office on Tel: 202228.


Proposed Route Itinerary and Timetable changes with effect from Monday 29th April 2019:


  1. Replacement of ‘clock-face’ departures from Town Terminus:



Town Terminus Departure Times [Past the hour]



Town Terminus Departure Times [Past the hour]



Town Terminus Departure Times [Past the hour]


.00 [was .15 or .45]


.00 /.30 [no change]



.05 [was .00]


.00/.30 [no change]


.15/.45 [no change]



.35 [was .40]


.15 [no change]


.20 [was .15]



.35 [was .30]


.45 [no change]


.20 [was .15]



.35 [was .30]


.20 [was .15]


.10 [was .00]



.20/.50 [was .15/.45]


.05 [was .00]


.05 [was .45]



No changes


.35 [was .30]


.20/.50 [was 00./.30]





  1. Introduction of Route 95 services on Sundays (11 services per day) between Town Terminus and Airport on an hourly frequency.


  1. Additional ‘summer’ services on the following routes to operate from Monday 29th April to Sunday 6th October (Town Terminus departures):

a)        Route 11 – 19:30 Sunday service;

b)        Route 21 – 20:20 Monday to Saturday service;

c)        Route 32 – 20:35 Monday to Saturday service;

d)        Route 81 – 20:50 Saturdays and 19:20 Sunday services;

e)        Route 91 – 19:05 Monday to Saturday service;

f)         Route 92 – 19:35 Monday to Saturday service.


  1. Withdrawal of Route 62: Monday to Saturday (6 services per day) introduced in 2018 in an attempt to address overloading issues on the Route 91/92 in the summer and, in particular, on cruise ship days. [See alternative proposed Around Island (‘Staged’) Fare proposals in 7. below.] Route currently serves Town Terminus, Grange, PEH, Castel Church, L’Aumone, Cobo Bay, Vazon Bay, Perelle Bay, L’Eree, Longfrie and Airport (return).


  1. Reduction of service frequency on the following routes:

a)        Route P2 – Standardised 120 min frequency in each direction [was 90 min] resulting in a reduction of 3 services per day (Monday to Saturday);

b)        Routes 51/52 – Standardised 120 min frequency on each route (60 min circular service) [was 60 min ‘peak’ time service] resulting in a reduction of four weekday services and two Saturday services;

c)        Route 93/94 – Standardised 120 min frequency on each route on Sundays (see 4 below) resulting in a reduction of 7 services.


  1. Route service timings will change to reflect revised Town Terminus departures detailed in 1 above. For further information see draft timetable available @ or


Proposed Bus Fare Product Increases from Monday 1st April 2019:


  1. Fare changes


Fare Type

Proposed   / [Current] Cost £

Online top-up cost £

Restrictions / Comments

Cash Fare - Standard

  1. [1.00]


No change.

Nightowl (‘Late night’) Services

  1. [2.50]


No change.

Around Island (‘Staged’) Fare

  1. [1.00]


New fare. Any journey on Routes 91/92 originating and concluding within St. Peter Port (‘Around Island’ Fare). Concessions still apply.

Contactless Payment



New payment option to be launched – summer 2019. Fares equivalent to relevant ‘cash’ fare.

Pay as You Go (PAYG) - Standard Top Up

  1. [0.55]


Minimum initial loading £15, multiples of £5 top-up. Maximum credit limit of £100.

Monthly Unlimited Pass - Individual

  1. [20.00]
  2. [18.00]

Unlimited products cannot be used on Nightowl or Around Island (‘Staged’) Fares.

Weekly Unlimited Pass - Individual

  1. [16.00]
  2. [14.40]

No change. Unlimited products cannot be used on Nightowl or Around Island (‘Staged’) Fares.

1 Day Pass

  1. [4.50]


Single user only.

2 Day Pass

  1. [7.50]


Single user only.

1 Day Family Pass

  1. [9.00]


Maximum of 2 adults and 3 children.

2 Day Family Pass

  1. [15.00]


Maximum of 2 adults and 3 children.

Student Pass



Unlimited travel for owl or Around Island (‘Staged’) Fares. Subject to issue of a ‘Student Pass’.

Concession (OAP)



Persons aged 65 and over. Residents of Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Jethou only.   Not valid on Nightowl services.

Children Under 5



Must be accompanied by an adult.



Applications welcome from both experienced drivers and those wanting to train to be a bus driver. Those residentially qualified and already holding a car licence can join the training programme from the age of 21.

We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced bus drivers to join our team at CT Plus Guernsey.Driving our fleet of modern buses across our network of scheduled and school services you will cover the island, from country to coast.For existing bus licence holders pay starts at £12.30 per hour, with £15.68 per hour for any work after 18:30hrs and all day Sundays. Training rate is £8.85 per hour for the first 2-3 weeks.Immediate starts are available for those with full PSV/PCV licences.

For those wanting to join our training programme or wanting an informal chat about working with us in the Channel Islands please contact Alaska Help on email or by calling 01481 719238.